Welcome to Bell 

This was a photographic school project at ArtCenter.  At the time I was living next to Bell and I would often take walks around there because I found all of the visual textures interesting.  I would bring my camera and shoot anything that caught my interest.  As time moved on I learned of the Bell scandal where the public funds were being misappropriated for years.  I was motivated to catch the environment and the citizens of Bell during the day-to-day moments.  With the images captured postcards and a zine were developed to further inform the viewer about Bell, CA.
Penny Wolin


This was a book project where I got to explore my content while photographing different environments and I had the opportunity to have conversations and gain many insights.  At the time I was attending art school and I was a bit torn with an opportunity that I let go due to focusing on my studies.  During the time I had questions about machismo, Latin American experiences,  and identity issues within the working professional world.  I thought it was important to document the multiple answers from the people I interviewed.  
Dale Foronda

*This was a school project at Art Center.  All photographs and interviews were taken by Brian Gonzalez.