Rewire’s Visual Langauge

Rewire’s language mimics the world's first programmable living organism called the xenobots.  The xenobots are synthetic lifeforms that are designed by computers to perform desired functions and are built by combining together different biological tissues.  The system begins with a machine
like skeleton and evolves with a synthetic skin to build letterforms, shapes, and patterns.  Each shape and form takes on a life of its own.
Brad Bartlett, Roy Tatum, Kyuta Sato

Exhibit artist poster series:

Interactive Poster:

This poster series was created through coding languages within the program called Processing. Functions were given to each individual shape to grow, rotate, and combine with in each other to create unique shapes and patterns and mimic life forms.  The end goal was to have the visuals react with the viewers.  The life form would shrink or grow as the viewer got closer or further.

Transmedia installation: 

This installation tells the story of the relationship between humanity and technology.  The brand's visual elements act as a living organism learning, moving, and growing from each interaction.  As the story goes on living organism takes on a new visual form.